Steps to Convert APE to MP3, WAV, FLAC, etc Gnormalize is a GTK based tool for audio conversion. In addition to converting audio (between mp3, mp4, mpc, wav, ogg, ape and flac), Gnormalize can adjust the volume of sound files to compensate for varying recording levels. You can also use Gnormalize to rip CDs, edit metadata and play your songs as well. edit output music's year in tag you could make a simple little script, then at the dir. prompt just call the script with path to script/scriptname The Best ape to mp3 freeware happy Continued best ape to mp3 converter Save your time and energy and get better conversion experience! My laptop often freezes every now and then, so I thought it's the virus infections. But my Norton could not detect anything. Then I came to your website and tried your steps. I can't believe it found so many errors in my laptop! After fixing them, my laptop runs fast again! Thank you!